Naked Granola – Product Review

Disclaimer: This is the first of a series of reviews for “Naked” and “Nude” products. These products are using the words “naked” or “nude” to market themselves as being pure or “back to basics”  – that is, without extra chemical preservatives, artificial flavorings or genetically-modified organisms that often do little for taste and are usually bad for our health. It can be novel and fun to buy a product with the word naked or nude in the name. The main question here is: Is this product appropriate in a nudist setting? Does the product fit in with nudist values of respect for nature and non-sexual social nudity? These reviews are my opinion, and some are as much for fun as for any useful information. None of these reviews are an official endorsement or condemnation by any official nudist organization.

Naked Granola is one of those few products that is what it appears to be – a back-to-basics product using everyday ingredients that justify its use of the word “naked” to mean pure or healthy.

As a nudist, the first thing I look for in a product using the word “naked” is the image on the package. Some products use the word “naked” in a sexual way to connect with people who might buy their product. They play off the “forbidden” or “naughty” connection that America has with nudity. It’s a strong lure, and it often works. But as nudists we see right through this cheap trick. Looking at the package of Naked Granola, I didn’t see any sexual images – a good start. There is a body in the logo, but it’s a person touching the “d” in the word naked – which has leaves growing out of it – as if it was a large tree, which reinforces the idea of naturalness. Hey, naturalness is something nudists can relate to!

I picked up the “Taste of Seattle” style of Naked Granola. It’s much darker than your average granola. That’s because it features dark chocolate. Hmm, chocolate sounds tasty but not healthy! But when I looked at the ingredients list, I was impressed: things like cranberries, almonds, raw sunflower seeds, and No artificial flavors, No trans fats, no GMO’s, and high in fiber and probiotics. It’s even got the Kosher Dairy seal! Wow, I’m plotzing and I’m not even Jewish.

Yeah, yeah, so what about the taste, you say? I’m chewing some right now, and yes it’s chocolaty, but just as prominent is the taste of the almonds, cranberries, and oats. It’s softer and less crunchy than most granola. The chocolate is not the over-sugary candy-bar kind, its the kind that mixes well with other foods. So this seems like a healthy treat. That fits with the owner’s mission statement – his “Naked Truth” on the bag – that he wanted to create food for his kids that contained “the beneficial wonders of nature, not chemistry.” Sounds a lot like the goal of the original nudist natural healers! He even points out that the bag is resealable and reusable. Gotta like that. (Unfortunately, the bag is not recyclable, since the outside paper is lined with plastic. But re-use is better than recycling anyway, so points for that.) Naked Granola is a good product for a nudist setting.

The stats:

159 Calories per ¼ cup

Total Fat: 13%

Trans Fat: 0%

Cholesterol: 0%

Sodium (7.2mg): 0%

Carbs: 6%

So my Unofficial Nudist Rating of Naked Granola is 4 out of 5 Stars. Go out and get some!

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Have you tried this product? Do you know where to get it in your area? Got any other comments? Let me know by leaving a thoughtful comment!


A post-election wake up call for Nudists

The election of 2016 has made the future uncertain for various groups. People who are different from “normal” Americans are especially worried about the future of this country and what that means for them personally. This includes nudists, of course. We are certainly considered outside the “norm” and our ability to enjoy simply being nude could be threatened by the people in control of our government. Germany was the birthplace of modern nudism, and when the Nazi’s came to power, they accepted nudism at first. But eventually they declared the “cult of the nude” to be a threat to the German people.


Now I am not saying that this new administration are Nazi’s. That would diminish the real horror that those people inflicted on humanity. However, the person who will occupy the White House in 2017 has openly ridiculed people who are different from him, which creates a dangerous environment for any group of people who don’t fit the image of “regular” America. Could people who “parade” around naked be potentially threatened by the incoming leaders? You bet!

So what can we do? Well, there is strength in numbers. So more than ever, nudists need to connect with other groups for mutual support. That way, if one group is attacked, many more voices will object, and the more voices are raised, the less they can ignore us.You may recall a famous quote from a Lutheran pastor in Germany who realized that not speaking up for others made you more vulnerable to attack:

“First they came for the Socialists, and I did not speak out—
Because I was not a Socialist.

Then they came for the Trade Unionists, and I did not speak out—
Because I was not a Trade Unionist.

Then they came for the Jews, and I did not speak out—
Because I was not a Jew.

Then they came for me—and there was no one left to speak for me.”…

You can easily write a line for us: “Then they came for the Nudists, and I did not speak out – Because I sure was not a Nudist – those people are weird.”

(And while you’re at it, write a line for whatever group you, or a friend, or loved one, might be part of…Any group whose image could be twisted for someone else’s political gain.)

Ok, so who can we join forces with? Since nudism was originally part of a health movement that included vegetarians, naturopaths, organic gardeners, environmentalists, musicians and dancers, these are some people we need to re-connect with! You can talk about other groups, but if any groups are going to be open-minded about nudity, these are some good ones! I’m sure you can think of some others.

In the latest email update from the AANR president (American Association for Nude Recreation), he advises us to reach out to other groups, and tells how a visit to the doctor’s office resulted in him telling the staff about his being a nudist. As a result, some of them asked for more information about nudism. Great example of what I’m talking about.

Some readers may think that I am an alarmist for expressing these views. I hope that you are right. I hope that I am wrong.  But I am sick of the nudist community doing damage control after nude beaches are closed, or after anti-nudity legslation is passed, because we were not proactive in fighting threats to nudism until they had already happened. Now nudism may face a threat to its very existence. It sure would be an advantage to get ahead of this potential threat instead of doing nothing.

Our politics and our social culture increasingly ridicules and even demonizes people who are outside the norms of society. Now it seems that we are about to enter a time where this kind of intolerance and prejudice turns into the norm. We may not be the first target, but that does not mean we can afford to lay back in the sun until they come for us.

The uncertain times we are about to enter should be a wakeup call for nudism. If we don’t forge more alliances now, then when? Next we’ll look at how we can reach out to people who we might not be completely comfortable with.




Thoughts – About Nudism??

What is there to think about? You get naked and that’s it! Why make it complicated? Can’t I just relax and enjoy it?

Yes, it should be so simple to enjoy simply being in your own skin with no hangups or conflicts of any kind. But we live in a world full of people who ridicule, legislate, and even fight against people who want to enjoy being naked together in a non-sexual way.

We’re also threatened by people who want to sexualize nudism – which will kill it. Some of these people make money by confusing nudism with sex, others are just confused about what nudism is and what they’re looking for.

If nudism is going to thrive, we can’t afford to ignore the threats against it. As nudists, we need to educate ourselves, our nudist community and society at large about why we gather together in the nude, and why that’s different than other groups who are naked together.

This blog is one way I’m sharing what I’ve learned about nudism, and to question things about it also. Many of the topics I will cover are things that I don’t hear people talking about at nude beaches or resorts. So I’m hoping to start conversations that will get more nudists (and non-nudists) really thinking about nudism. Hopefully then more of us will feel empowered to speak up to keep it as a healthy, family-friendly activity! So let’s get naked and think!